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About Compass Real Estate and Rentals in St. Petersburg, FL

When you’re looking for a home to rent or buy in St. Petersburg or Isla Del Sol, FL, Compass Real Estate and Rentals is the company you want to call. Our boutique business has been in operation on the island since 1977, helping people find a real estate or rental opportunity they love. We put more than 40 years of experience and unique expertise in the market into providing the best possible real estate services to our clients. To meet the needs of buyers and renters, our team of sales professionals can get creative to ensure we match them with the perfect property. Thanks to our experience, skills, vision, dedication, and commitment to the highest ethical standards, our record of sales and rentals shows consistently great results for clients every year we’ve been in business. We’re a proud commercial member of the St. Petersburg communities, and we take great pleasure in helping people find their perfect home on the island.

St. Petersburg Skyling

Condos & Townhomes for Sale or Rent

One of the benefits of working with Compass Real Estate and Rentals to find your next home on the island is our in-depth knowledge of the market to match you with your best choices. Whether you want to invest in real estate, or you just need a place to rent, our team offers a collection of condos and townhomes found in 14 communities. Our knowledge of the St. Petersburg area can help you decide the community where you’d like to search. If you have certain home features or community amenities you desire, such as a pool, location at or close to the waterfront, or shopping nearby, we take your checklist into account as we work to locate a selection of homes.

Real Estate Experts with Outstanding Service

Whenever you look for a new home, you want a real estate specialist you can trust who will make you feel confident about your choices. Compass Real Estate and Rentals does more than show you listings of properties for sale or rent. We provide the outstanding customer service you should expect when investing in a home. Let our real estate experts help you find a condo or townhome you love.

Find Your Dream Property in the Sunshine State